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“Blue Spirit is created in the spirit of watersports, meaning we have the greatest love for the water, and we want to share it with you! Our focus is to offer you a personal and exciting experience. We place great emphasis on small courses with high quality and good instructors. Our goal is to include everyone who wants to try watersports with us. Book your individual adventure with us now!



Windsurfing is an amazing sport that combines the dynamics of sailing with the excitement of wave surfing. Mastering the art of following the wind and waves provides a unique sense of freedom and creates a connection with the sea and nature.



Kitesurfing unites the pleasure of flying with the power of the ocean wind, creating a challenging and rewarding experience. The combined control over the kite and surfboard provides an adrenaline-pumping activity that appeals to adventurous souls.


Wing Foil

Wingsurfing is the newest addition to the watersport family, combining the power of the wind with the maneuverability of the surfboard. It’s an energetic sport that is quickly gaining popularity, requiring skills in balance and wind control.

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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a versatile watersport, ideal for all ages and skill levels. It offers a calm and enjoyable way to explore the water while standing on a large surfboard and paddling with a long oar.

Surfen in Hvide Sande

Surfing (Hvide Sande)

Surfing is a dynamic sport that merges the thrill of riding ocean waves with the challenge of maintaining balance and technique. As surfers navigate the water, they experience an adrenaline rush from the power and unpredictability of each wave. This sport requires agility, strength, and a keen understanding of the ocean’s dynamics, making it both physically and mentally engaging. Surfing is not just about conquering waves; it’s also about honing skills, embracing the outdoors, and enjoying a unique and exhilarating way to interact with the natural world.

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Rental Equipment

At Blue Spirit Surfschool, we specialize in renting out top-notch equipment for all your watersport needs. We take pride in offering a wide range of equipment from leading brands like NeilPryde, JP Australia, and Cabrinha, known for their quality and reliability in the watersport industry. No matter which sport you wish to engage in, we have the necessary equipment to ensure you have a fantastic experience on the water.

Our inventory includes everything from sails, boards, kites, to paddles, all maintained to the highest standards to meet your expectations for quality and performance. Visit this site for all the information on prices and conditions.

Para Surfing

We make surfing accessible to everyone! With our disability-friendly courses, you can participate safely. The main goal is that everyone can learn to surf, regardless of the type of disability. We provide tailored courses for you.

We offer new and exciting activity options within the Parasport segment. Read more about our offerings and join us on this journey.

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Get Inspiration

17:48 25 Sep 23
I had an advanced course with Robert and two individual lessons with Jacob. Both are amazing instructors. I learned so much in no time and it was a lot of fun. Thank you so much for the great time!
Frank Christian LudwigFrank Christian Ludwig
15:38 10 Sep 23
We were a group of eight people, none of us had ever windsurfed. You taught us this wonderfully. These guys and girls take their time with everyone, are super friendly and people with disabilities can also learn windsurfing here. We also had stand-up paddling and wave surfing would also have been possible, albeit on a different coast. The area in this bay is ideal for beginners. Don't be shy!
Anders JørgensenAnders Jørgensen
06:45 01 Sep 23
Sweet people who know what they are doing!
Nicole JeritslevNicole Jeritslev
13:00 30 Aug 23
The surfing course with Lauri was perfect. He taught us all the basics and responded to us individually. We can fully recommend the surf school in HvideSande.
Torben WeidnerTorben Weidner
14:13 16 Aug 23
Great service. Very friendly staff. We borrowed a board and sail. Prices are also fair
margit van sonmargit van son
16:19 15 Aug 23
My siblings and I went for the three day course for beginners. We really started with no experience, but after one lesson, we all managed to stay up on the board and surf a bit already. We're really grateful for the amazing experience and lessons that we've been taught here! We're leaving with great memories! I would definitely recommend this place!
Leonardo ManiLeonardo Mani
11:49 19 Jul 23
I had the pleasure of spending time at the windsurfing school, BlueSpirit, and I cannot express enough how amazing the experience was. The group of young instructors was not only highly professional but also incredibly passionate. They made learning windsurfing so enjoyable, and I quickly fell in love with the sport.BlueSpirit's friendly and welcoming atmosphere made me feel right at home. During breaks between lessons, I got to socialize with fellow students and instructors, creating lasting friendships and memories.In conclusion, I highly recommend BlueSpirit for anyone looking to learn windsurfing in a supportive and fun environment. The young and talented instructors make it an unforgettable experience. I learned a lot, tried new adventures, and gained a new group of friends who share the same passion. I can't wait to go back for another incredible journey with them!PS. The Latte Art from Jakob, is a MUST TRY
Luca MomiglianoLuca Momigliano
12:25 02 Jul 23
Incredible experience! Robert and Jacob are amazing instructors and brought my Windsurfing to the next level in no time. Highly recommended to anyone looking to spend a fun and active day!!
just a Dudejust a Dude
16:55 23 May 23
a coveted vacation spot finally has a surf school. the two founders (Jacob & Robert) of Blue Spirit both have years of experience as surf instructors and are also known for their relaxed and very friendly nature. The new headquarters can be seen in the pictures before the opening and will later offer 250 square meters of retail space, with a perfect coffee machine and all the accessories,stuff and gear a surfer's heart needs. Anne also makes her own jewelry, which she creates from pieces of glass she collects on the beach. I myself worked with both of them as an instructor at WestWind in Hvide Sande for many years and can therefore recommend the guys with a clear conscience.
John JonesJohn Jones
12:29 31 Aug 22
We made an impromptu stop at the school yesterday and was able to book a 1 on 1 instruction session for my daughter for today. Robert is very friendly and knowledgeable and has a calm, reassuring style that immediately puts you at ease. It made for an opportunity / lesson my daughter thoroughly enjoyed and will not soon forget. Thanks so much Robert, see you next year.
Fabio WaldtmannFabio Waldtmann
08:27 30 Aug 22
Had a great time during my classes, Lauri is an incredible instructor who taught me the basic surfing skills while having a lot of fun!! See you next year!
Carlo Alberto BinCarlo Alberto Bin
07:53 23 Aug 22
Had the occasion to surf with Laurenz in two teaching sessions. He is a very good instructor, inclusive and focused on his students' improvements. Every notion is explained in detail and when questioned he gives thorough answers.Very friendly and easy-going crew. I certainly pass a wonderful time with these guys and I recommend anybody to join for a session.
Rens van StiphoutRens van Stiphout
08:38 22 Aug 22
I was on a vacation and we decided to go surfing and we landed on this surfing school, it turned out to be really fun. Good instructions and a fun 3-day experience. If i'm back in denmark i'd come visit again!
13:12 08 Jun 22
Blue Spirit is a perfect surf school with skilled instructors, new equipment, and a great location. My boyfriend and I had a lovely day. We will be back soon!