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Dive into the beautiful waters of Ebeltoft with our SUP experience! Standing on a paddleboard, you’ll experience the tranquil beauty of Ebeltoft from a unique perspective. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, SUP is a fun and relaxing way to immerse yourself in nature while also working on balance and strength. Come and take your first paddle stroke with us!

Would you like to try stand up paddling (SUP) in one of Denmark's most beautiful areas?
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Stand up paddling

Stand up paddling Intro Ebeltoft

Learn the fundamental techniques of stand up paddling (SUP) on our 2-hour introductory course.

Includes instruction in paddling technique, balance, safety, and basic equipment knowledge. Perfect for beginners or those looking to refresh their SUP skills.

SUP Intro sessions are conducted when there are more than 3 participants.

Location: Blue Spirit Surf School

Price: 395.00 dkk

Duration: 2 hours

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Stand up paddling Safari Ebeltoft

Join an exciting SUP Safari tour in Ebeltoft Vig.

Experience the many beautiful aspects the bay has to offer, including the town and the frigate Jylland from its best perspective – the water.

Along the way, our experienced instructors will guide you through the area and provide tips and tricks to enhance your stand up paddling technique. It’s a fantastic way to experience nature and the coastline in a unique way. The tour is suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

SUP Safari sessions are conducted when there are more than 3 participants.

Location: Blue Spirit Surf School

Price: 445.00 dkk – includes cold refreshments along the way.

Duration: 2 hours

Experience the magic of Stand up paddling in Ebeltoft bay


Most frequent questions and answers

SUP, or stand up paddling, is a versatile water sport where you stand on a SUP board and use a paddle to navigate. What sets SUP apart from other water sports disciplines is its versatility and accessibility. It can be enjoyed on calm waters as well as in waves and is suitable for all ages, making it a favorite among families and adventurers.

Stand up paddel is a great entry point into water sports as you can choose whether to start on your knees, sit down, or stand up. In short, SUP is whatever you make of it.

The right choice of SUP boards depends on your weight, height, experience, and the conditions you plan to paddle in. For beginners, we recommend a wider and more stable SUP paddleboard for easier balance. For the more experienced, a narrower and faster board may be ideal as there is less water resistance. Remember to choose a SUP paddle that suits your height and strength.

Inflatable SUP: These boards are known for their incredible portability and easy storage. Made of durable, flexible materials, an inflatable SUP can be easily pumped up for use and then deflated and rolled up, making them ideal for travel and storage in small spaces. While they are incredibly versatile and great for general use, they may lack the rigidity and performance that more experienced paddlers seek, especially in waves or at higher speeds. However, if you need a board to take on a summer vacation or for leisurely trips, you will be satisfied with an inflatable SUP. REMEMBER – There is a significant difference in the quality of inflatable SUPs, so consult with a surf shop or others with experience to ensure that the board you get is safe, and the experience is good.

Hard Construction Board: These boards are typically made of harder materials such as fiberglass, epoxy, or plastic (PVC). They offer better performance in terms of speed, glide, and maneuverability. Hard construction boards are often the choice for more experienced paddlers seeking a more responsive and fast experience on the water. The downside is that they require more storage space and are not as easy to transport as inflatable models. If you want a rigid board that goes further with each paddle stroke, a hard construction board is the right choice for you. Be aware that hard construction boards come in many different shapes (length, width, and the curvature on the underside of the board). It’s a good idea to talk to a surf shop or someone with experience to get the right board for your level and future desires.

Absolutely! Stand up paddle boarding is an effective full-body workout. It improves balance, strengthens core muscles, and offers a low-impact exercise that is beneficial for both the body and mind. SUP is also great for mental relaxation and can be enjoyed in scenic settings like the coastline of Ebeltoft. Getting on the water will provide you with peace of mind while giving your body a workout – the perfect way to exercise.

Denmark, making it a perfect place for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

Calm Waters: Ebeltoft Vig and the surrounding waters are known for their calm and clear waters. These conditions are perfect for beginners looking to learn SUP techniques, as well as for those who want to enjoy a relaxing paddle.

Scenic Routes: The area around Ebeltoft offers a variety of beautiful paddling routes that allow you to explore the coastline and enjoy the scenic views. From the view of the historic Frigate Jylland to the idyllic shores, there is something for everyone.

Safety and Accessibility: Our SUP areas are safe and easily accessible. Blue Spirit Surf School provides all the necessary equipment and safety instructions, so you can feel secure on the water.

Variety of Activities: In addition to traditional SUP, we also offer SUP Yoga and SUP Safari tours, providing a unique experience on the water. These activities combine the best of SUP with the opportunity to explore local attractions.

YES! We have everything you need to get on the water in the best way possible, we have both hard construction boards and inflatable SUP boards – so you can get exactly what you want. We have +20 boards in the rental, so there is always equipment for you when you want it. A life jacket is always included in the price when you rent equipment from Blue Spirit, and you will always be introduced to the safety aspects of SUP. We also offer expert guidance if you want your own board so you can get a board that suits your specific wants and needs.

At Blue Spirit, we’re not just passionate about Stand Up Paddleboarding – we’re also your one-stop shop for everything you need for your SUP experience!

Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps on the board or an experienced paddler looking for the latest gear, we have something for you. Our extensive range of SUP equipment ensures that you’re always ready for your next water adventure.

SUP Boards for Everyone: Choose from a wide selection of SUP boards – from inflatable models, perfect for travel and easy storage, to rigid construction boards for ultimate performance. All our boards are carefully selected for their quality and durability.

Paddles That Suit You: A good paddle is the key to a fantastic SUP experience. We offer paddles in different lengths and materials so you can find the one that suits your style and strength perfectly.

Safety Equipment and Accessories: Safety comes first, and we have all the necessary equipment to ensure a safe and fun day on the water. From life vests to leashes and waterproof bags – we’ve got you covered.

Clothing and Apparel: To complete your experience, we also offer a range of clothing and apparel designed for SUP. Our clothing ensures comfort and freedom of movement, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time on the water.

Expertise and Guidance: Our team of experienced SUP enthusiasts is always ready to advise and help you choose the best equipment for your needs. We’re happy to share our knowledge and passion for SUP.

At Blue Spirit, you’ll find everything you need to make your SUP experience unforgettable. Visit us and let us help you get ready for your next water adventure!