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Welcome to our surfcafe, school and shop, where the waves meet the barista’s brew! Experience the ultimate combination of surf vibes and exquisite coffee. Take a break from the waves and dive into a world of stylish surf gear and relaxed café atmosphere – it’s more than just a store, it’s a place where surf culture becomes a lifestyle.

Blue Spirit Surfcafe, school and shop in Ebeltoft

The place you go to put a smile on your face! Whether you’re a surfer or not, you will definitely feel at home in Blue Spirits Surfshop. Drop by and check out all our amazing products, from the coolest summer wear to the best gear on the market.

Find your next arrangement or event that takes place in Ebeltoft together with Blue Spirit!

Rental Equipment in Ebeltoft - your latest watersportsgear

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Ready for the splash of the waves and the sea breeze?

Blue Spirit Surfschool in Ebeltoft is your one-stop shop for watersports rentals! With everything from windsurfing to kayaks, and equipment suited for both beginners and experienced adventurers, we have what you need to make your day on the water unforgettable. Choose between standard or premium equipment and various rental periods – from a couple of hours to several days. Our prices, available in both DKK and Euro, ensure easy and accessible planning for all our customers, both Danish and international.

And with our 10-hour FlexCard, you even get the flexibility to surf on your own terms. Remember, we are here for everyone – including individuals with disabilities – because watersports are for every spirit! Check our prices and packages, and book your next water adventure with Blue Spirit!




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We’d love to take you on a journey into our beloved company – Blue Spirit. We’re a group of passionate surf enthusiasts who have created something truly special here in Ebeltoft.

Blue Spirit isn’t just a surf shop; it’s our pride and joy. We aim to create a place where surf culture thrives and where everyone feels at home. And why Ebeltoft? Because this town and its surroundings possess a unique energy and natural beauty that we embrace and want to share with you all.

We take pride in our location with the stunning sea and coastal views. That’s why we’ve created an amazing terrace where you can sit and be mesmerized by nature’s magic while enjoying a cup of our delicious coffee. We’ve carefully selected coffee beans to ensure the best flavor experience as you soak in the incredible views.

But Blue Spirit is more than just the view and coffee. We’re also passionate about style and fashion. That’s why we’ve created our own collection of trendy clothes perfectly fitting the surf culture. Our designs are inspired by the sea and the nature around us, ensuring high quality and stylish clothing. We want you to express your love for surfing while looking fantastic.

Our commitment to sustainability is also a cornerstone at Blue Spirit. We believe in the responsibility to protect and preserve our beautiful nature. Therefore, we carefully choose our products and collaborate only with manufacturers who share our values. We want you to shop with a clear conscience, knowing you’re supporting a business that works to preserve our environment.

So come and visit us at Blue Spirit in Ebeltoft. We invite you into our world, where surf, views, coffee, and style come together.